Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Well, am I getting anywhere?

Not really. I need to purge the leftovers from the New Years extravaganza we had here. There was an entire baked brie left over!

I have not had The Holiday Spirit this year. I otherwise love Christmas. I usually put up a minimum of three trees (was planning to expand to FOUR this year!) I put up two, and I did so weeks later than I normally do. Yesterday, I took down everything except the tree in the family room. I decided that the up and down the stairs with boxes and crap counts as light cardio. Disassembling the 9 foot tree will do that to a girl, dontcha think?

I've decided to start with the whole "YOU: On a Diet" thing. It seems it all starts with walking thirty minutes a day, no matter what. That seems like a pretty good start, rather than something like, "Never eat another piece of fruit." I haven't cracked the book open yet, but in the Costco magazine I picked up at their customer service desk today, the first of the ten things in a highlighted box full of "important crap from the book," was an order to have a happy, healthy sex life. Dude. A diet that tells me to have sex can't be too wrong, you know what I'm sayin'? Way better than, "NO FRUIT EVER!" (You can see that I kinda have a thing about the low carb diets.) Maybe tomorrow, I'll start with the reading.


Lotta said...

I read that book and thought it was good! I'm going to try and include some of the ideas into Weight Watchers. And the visual of that big hanger of fat they showed on the tummy was very motivating.

Julie Pippert said...


Hey, I like carbs. Anyway, they are good for promoting your body's natural stress management response. or so they said on the Today Show yesterday.

M'Lynn said...


I really like their take on things. I don't get the anxious feeling reading it like I do when reading *insert whatever diet* here.

M'Lynn said...

Hi, Julie!

I LOVE me some carbs. I am firmly of the belief that if the Today show said it, it must be true!