Thursday, December 28, 2006

And so it starts...

I'm M'Lynn. No, that is not my real name, but ever since watching Steel Magnolias back in the day, I realized that I *could* go by "M'Lynn," and it would make sense. Someday, my hair *will* have to be styled to look like a brown football helmet, so, there you have it.

Other things you should know about me: I love pop culture, I abuse ellipses..., and I am crazy about my husband and daughter (aka Himself and Bella aka Bunny aka Peanut aka Punkin aka Peanut Head...if it's a kooky sounding term of endearment, I'm talking about her.)

I plan to blog here with Happy Shiny crap, I hope. I have other places to vent my angst. I want a place where I can just be wacky fun.

I'm also wanting to participate in the Future MILFs thang over at Mom-O-Matic. Not only am I Slightly Larger Than Average, (HA!) I have just learned that I have the beginnings of the genetic cardiomyopathy that seems to run in the women in my family. I have a fourteen month old daughter and, dammit, if there was ever a reason to be as healthy as possible, isn't she it?

Losing weight will help my heart to not work so hard, so, it's gonna happen. How? Well, I haven't figured that part out yet, but support is key, so let's do this thang!