Sunday, January 7, 2007

What I wanted and what I ate

Includes the following:

I wanted peanut m&m's (I keep them in my mouth til it's melty enough for the shell to crack easily, then I suck all the chocolate off and then disassemble the peanut with my teeth, yes I know I'm weird.) I ate dry roasted almonds (cause Dr. Oz says to eat the nuts.)

I wanted cocoa pebbles. I ate frosted mini wheats (I'm weaning myself off of crazy chocolate frosted sugar bombs, a habit that started up after our October trip to Disney World and someone had effing cocoa pebbles.)

I wanted Coca Cola. I drank so much water that I thought that I was going to float away. I haven't drank this much since I was pregnant and dehydrated, flinging me into some contractions at 35 weeks and darnit, that baby wasn't done cooking.) I'm trying to keep my pee clear. This means I'm running to the bathroom as often as I did when I was pregnant. Peanut has an annoying night cough, so I'm up anyway.

We had spaghetti and meatballs. I tried out the Ronzoni whole wheat blend pasta. It doesn't suck. I didn't notice a difference. So, I'll be substituting this as often as possible.


Domestic Chicky said...

See, my biggest weakness is cokes...Coke is my morning least until I get a new french press anyway. So glad to hear about the wheat pasta. Hubby would throw a serious revolt if I tried to curb the carbs here!

Anonymous said...

Good for you with the substitutions. I love me some sugary cereals, well sugary anything for that matter. Good luck to you.

M'Lynn said...

Domestic Chicky...

Coke is my morning coffee, too!

Something about having a heart condition at 34 has the hubby, who doesn't complain about much, totally on board with ANY changes I want to make!

M'Lynn said...


sugar coated sugar is my FAVORITE!=

Lotta said...

Oh the coke, the coke! I so want one RIGHT NOW. I have been a bad bad water girl. But I haven't had any regular coke either so I'm hanging in there. Good for you for weaning off all the hard stuff. And your description of eating peanut m&m's was killer food porn!

M'Lynn said...


Thanks! I forgot an important, crucial step in my weird ass peanut m&m eatin' ways.

After you suck the chocolate off of the peanut, you must carefully remove the peanut skin. THEN, you can disassemble the peanut with your teeth.

Anyone can tie a cherry stem in a knot. I've not SKILLZ! (like being a dork.)