Friday, January 19, 2007

Been in a funk

so, I've been a hermit. And I've been bad.

There has been coca cola...and cupcakes.

Today, however, is a new day. Back on the treadmill. No coke. We picked up one of these yesterday, and I basked in it's blue glow this morning. Hopefully, it will work. I am optimistic.

I'm coming to visit you ladies this weekend. I promise. I will be interactive.

I was ready to declare it All Lost, but darnit, we have to keep trying.

I will, however, leave you with this. A dear friend of mine wrote it. She is a constant inspiration to me, as she has more than walked the walk when it comes to this. She has fought the battles the hard way and won. She did it. We can do it, too.

I have saved this. When I'm feeling lazy and hopeless, I read this. Some of it is harsh, and it's meant to be. It's a kick in the pants. I'm sharing it with you, because it helps me. It will never be any easier than it is today. We CAN do this.


What is this miracle cure? How can you get it? How much does it cost?

Its absolutely, positively free.

Its called Willpower. And no one can sell it to you. You won't win it in the lottery, and no one will come to your home or office and give it to you because its your birthday or you were nice to some old lady in the grocery store last week.

It means you, saying no to yourself.
It means controlling your urges.
It means having the discipline to look at the long-term picture and make short-term decisions to head towards the goal. every day. every minute.

It means that YOU *yes YOU* have to start. RIGHT NOW.

Its no good to buy the exercise equipment if you're not going to use it.

Gym membership ~payments~ burn no extra calories.

Cookies eaten in the dark have just as many calories as they do during the daytime.

Spending money that you don't have on frivolous things will NEVER be okay in the long run

Being exhausted from not enough sleep from watching another mindless TV show late into the night is NOT acceptable excuse for not making it through the day

Spending another day of complaining about your job (or lack of job) when you have not done absolutely ::everything:: in your power to get up off your ass and DO something about it is ridiculous.

It means deciding that today is the day you stop rationalizing all the poor decisions you have made and make out of habit.

It means no more excuses for taking just one more bite, or sitting on the couch when you could be exercising. or not being completely present in your life Right. Now.

It means YOU have to be an Adult. It means YOU have to decide that your life is not going to get lived by ::anyone else::. No one is responsible for your health and your happiness ~other~ than you. If you aren't happy where you are? Go Change it for God's sake! What the HELL are you waiting for??

If you aren't healthy? And you CAN Do something about it? Get off your sorry, lazy ass and DO SOMETHING! Do you ~honestly~ believe someone is going to do it FOR YOU!? How could you ::possibly:: let yourself delude yourself for a single day longer? Baby, you ain't getting a single day younger. Its not going to get ANY easier than it is Right. Now.

Think about the rest of your life. Do you ~really~ want to feel like ::this:: for the rest of it?
How about worse? Want to feel worse? Because I'm here to tell ya, Life will NOT Improve unless YOU take the steps to make it that way. Age has a way of having a mighty slippery slope. Downwards.

I don't care WHAT you do to get there. I don't care if you want to learn to juggle Amazon ruffled Roosters, for god-sake... but there is something you COULD be doing that you aren't, and in the end, there is absolutely NO ONE to blame but yourself.

I am holding you to task. I am looking directly at YOU and telling you to give me an accounting of why you think there is some reason you can't do it. And let me tell you, whenever you get done with your laundry list of excuses and rationalizations, I'm still going to be here, staring you down and expecting you to get on with it.

Because you want to know something good?

Whenever you get done telling me why you ::can't:: start making healthy, positive choices in your life? I'm going to be here telling you that YES. YOU. CAN.

Right now. Decide you want you life to be better, longer, healthier, richer, more peaceful, more loving.
See what that means to you. See your spirit being lighter and your horizons expanding. See it. Imagine what it feels like. What it tastes like. Make the image ::real:: to you.

and then?
Just Do It.

You CAN Make changes in your life.
YOU have the power to break bad habits and forge new, healthy ones.
YOU are responsible for your own life and making the happy endings you want.

You are a Grown Up, and You can do this.
Its a brand new day.
I have faith in you.

Now Get to it.


Lotta said...

I think there are certain foods that kick our asses not once, but over and over again. I too love the coca cola and had some this weekend. I counted the points and they were legal. BUT they triggered a killer bad eating weekend. Ugh, it's liquid tempation!

sillychick said...

Damn, talk about a slap in the face! A nice slap in the face, though.

I really needed to read this...thank you for sharing!